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Manufacturer: Accessibyte

Accessible typing tutor

  • Fully accessible, highly visual, entirely audible typing tutor which guides blind and low vision students through the whole keyboard
  • Students can learn from the 45 included lessons or from custom lessons you create yourself
  • Automatically keeps detailed records for each student, showing their progress towards the goals you set
  • Equipped with customizable practice lessons, individual student record keeping, and fun sound effects
  • Designed and developed by a blind rehabilitation instructor (MSEd., COMS, CVRT), tested by Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI)
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Typio Software is equipped with guided instruction through the entire keyboard, customizable practice lessons, individual student record keeping, and fun sound effects.

Digital download of Typio Software Program with a single activation license. The download link and activation license will be emailed once checkout is complete.
NOTE: Each license is good for installation on one computer.

Three typing training modes:
1) Progress Mode - fully guided keyboard training
2) Practice Mode - review past lessons or create your own
3) Free Type Mode - type without prompting for a real-world test.

- Visual Enhancements
Choose from a variety of font sizes, from small to large.
A vast array of color options for text and backgrounds.
Clean, simple, and distraction-free user interface.

- Audible Feedback
Customize the speed and pitch of various voices.
Audible presentation prompting of typing prompt.
Audible feedback of key presses.
Designed to be used entirely without vision.

Typio is intended to be accessible to as many students as possible. Therefore system requirements are quite low. It should work on any Windows computer.

System requirements:
1) Windows operating system
2) Internet connection for initial installation and registration.

Typio can use other SAPI TTS voices installed on your computer. Additional voices can be purchased from various vendors online. If you're unsure about other voices, don't worry. All modern builds of Windows include default voices that can be used.

Typio is an all-inclusive accessible program. No outside accessibility software is required.

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