Sound Signalers

Our Company offers alerting devices such as transmitters, receivers and more, all for your alerting systems and sound systems. Having an extra push-button wireless transmitter alerting device is yet another tool to help you feel secure around the house and protect your family. Battery backups and additional sound alarm systems are great to have, too.

  • Medallion Series Sound Monitor Transmitter

    Become aware of multiple sounds in the house
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 121414
    List Price: $88.95
    Our Price: $86.95
    You Save: $2.00 (2%)
    Become aware of a baby's cry, ringing alarm clock, door buzzer, or oven timer when needed! Whatever the noise, the...
  • Sonic Alert HomeAware SonicBridge Unit

    Enables use of older legacy Sonic Alert Receivers
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 360119
    List Price: $44.99
    Our Price: $39.95
    You Save: $5.04 (11%)
    The HomeAware SonicBridge Unit allows older, traditional Sonic Alert receivers to work with the new HomeAware Secure...
  • Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 567360
    List Price: $249.00
    Our Price: $249.00
    This device combines visual alerts and icons, audio tones and melodies, as well as a bed shaker to conveniently...
  • SquareGlow Wireless Flasher and Sound Receiver

    Compatible with Square Wireless doorbell/telephone
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 749790
    List Price: $89.99
    Our Price: $69.99
    You Save: $20.00 (22%)
    The Square Wireless Flasher and Sound Receiver works with the Square Wireless doorbell/telephone with Flash & Sound...
  • AlertMaster Audio Alarm Transmitter

    Maximize the Power of Your Alertmaster System
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 90*AM-AX
    List Price: $49.95
    Our Price: $49.95
    Place the AlertMaster Audio Alarm Transmitter unit next to any audio alarm or timing devices in your home up to 80...
  • Bellman & Symfon Maxi Amplifier Hospital Kit

    Ideal for patients in hospitals and nursing homes
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 901224
    List Price: $259.95
    Our Price: $259.95
    Having a hearing loss can make it difficult for an individual to hear what the doctor or nurse is saying when...
  • Kidde Battery Operated T3 Smoke Alarm with Hush

    Designed to alert to the dangers of smoke and fire
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 909160
    List Price: $26.95
    Our Price: $21.95
    You Save: $5.00 (18%)
    This unit provides a level of protection that you have come to expect in a Kidde product. This smoke alarm features...
  • Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 921403
    List Price: $37.00
    Our Price: $35.95
    You Save: $1.05 (2%)
    A great alerting accessory to use with your Silent Call Sidekick II Tabletop Receiver/Alerting Device. This alerting...
  • Serene CentralAlert AX Audio Alarm Sensor

    Detects alarm sounds & signals notification system
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 931003
    List Price: $45.95
    Our Price: $45.95
    This sensor detects the alarm sounds of virtually all your audio, smoke, gas, and fire alarms. Even the new alarms...

Many customers who purchase our alarm systems find themselves browsing for additional transmitters and receivers, as well as battery back-ups. It helps them rest assured that Maxi-Aids offers the best in alerting devices for hearing and vision-affected individuals