Alternative Input Devices

With the aid of these helpful tools, individuals with severe mobility difficulties including paraplegics, amputees, etc., can now use a computer system as easily as someone with complete range of motion. This section offers: Virtually Hands-Free Mousing System for Left or Right Hands, BIGmack Communicator Buttons, Braille Keyboards, Switches, Touch Screens, and more! Inputting information into your computer has never been easier.

  • Blue2BlueTooth Switch

    Provides access to your favorite devices
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    List Price: $286.00
    Our Price: $260.00
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    The NEW Blue2 Bluetooth switch provides single or dual switch access to iDevices running iOS 7, Apple desktop or...
  • Virtually Hands Free Mousing System, Left-Handed, Onyx

    Ergonomically Designed Mouse Aids Mobility Issues
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    The Virtually Hands Free Mousing System is a bundle of the E-Quill AirO2bic Mouse and Nib (PC) or McNib (Mac)...

Our input devices offer many alternatives-- see our Blue2Blue Tooth Switch, Environmental Control Unit, Plate Switches, Touch Screen-Serial Port, Tracker Pro-Head Tracking Device and Mouse Aids--virtually hands free!