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Welcome to Hearmore (a division of Maxi Aids Inc.) !

Thanks to you - our loyal customer, you have made us a leading provider for those who are looking to lead a Healthy and Active Lifestyle!

Hearmore began as a supplier, dedicated to providing daily living solutions for the deaf and Hard of Hearing, but has expanded its selection over the years to become a leading source of assistive products for all with Special Needs who are seeking a Healthy and independent Lifestyle.

The clients we serve are Seniors, Deaf, Hearing Impaired, Blind, Vision Impaired, as well as those with various medical and mobility needs.

We welcome all customers and specialize in providing products for Schools, Non Profits, Government Agencies, and businesses

We hope you will find our product selection meets or exceeds your needs.

Please feel free to contact us at:

Hear More, Inc.,42 Executive Blvd.,Farmingdale, NY 11735 USA




Voice: 1-800-881-4327 - (To Order)

Video Phone: 631-752-1145

Email: sales@hearmore.com