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Door and Telephone Wireless Signaler by Sonic Alert

"Don't Miss Your Visitor Again"

Product Features
  • Works in homes with all doorbell systems
  • Built in outlet to flash lamp/Built in chime that can be turned off
  • Telephone signaler option
  • Different flash codes/selectable number of flashes
  • Sends signal to remote receivers

Item#: DB200
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The state-of-the-art DB200 alerting system is the only doorbell signaler that requires no wires and can be installed in seconds. Unlike competing models, the DB200 alerting system is not triggered by sound, so annoying false alarms are a thing of the past. Other advanced features of this alerting device include: selectable number of flashes (5 or 10), different flash code for front and rear doors and a built-in chime for hearing members of the family (can be turned off). The DB200 has a built-in outlet to flash an attached lamp and each sends a signal to all Sonic Alert remote receivers.

The DB200 has the additional feature of being a telephone signaler. Just plug the phone cord into a modular telephone jack. Its low equivalent number does not draw any phone line power.

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