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Neckloop Induction Coil with 18 inch Cord -Adult by MaxiAids

"Great for Hearing Aid Users"

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Product Features
  • For use with hearing aids equipped with a T-coil switch or an induction earphone
  • Works with any device having 8-16 ohms audio output through a 3.5mm mono jack
  • 18-inch cord makes it ideal for adults to use
  • Connects to devices with a 3.5mm jack
  • Covered under a 90-day Mfg. Warranty

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Neckloop Induction Coil with 18 inch Cord –Adult was designed to magnetically couple audio output from a listening system into a hearing aid equipped with a telephone coil. A neckloop hearing accessory is a great way to take advantage of hearing assistance systems, which are available in most pubic venues. Use it with your Pocketalker, Personal PA, Personal FM or Infrared Receiver. This Neckloop Induction Coil with 18 inch Cord will also work with TV's, VCRs, tape recorders or any device having 8-16 ohms audio output through a 3.5mm mono jack.

Simply place neckloop hearing accessory over your head, around your neck and plug the neckloop into the earphone jack of the assistive listening unit. Switch your T-Coil on and your ready to go. Covered under 90-day mfg. warranty.
Product dimensions (imperial): 1 inch H x 9 inch L x 1 inch W
Product dimensions (metric): 25.40 mm H x 228.60 mm L x 25.40 mm W

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