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Book - Moses Sees a Play by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

"A Breakthrough Picture Book"

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Actors from the Little Theatre of the Deaf are coming to Moses' school, and Moses and his classmates are going to see a play A class from another school joins them, and Moses is introduced to Manuel, who has just moved to the United States. Manuel doesn't know English or sign language yet. Moses, being deaf, knows how hard it can be when no one understands you, so he tries communicating with Manuel using body gestures, while also teaching him some simple signs. After the play, the students plan to put on a play of their own. In pictures,written English, and American Sign Language (ASL), Isaac Millman treats readers to a lively performance. Detailed diagrams of the signs are included so that readers can learn along with Manuel. Hardcover, 28 pages. For Ages 4 and up

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