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Wireless Super Bed Shaker Bluetooth Alarm Clock by Serene Innovations

"Never oversleep again!"

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Product Features
  • New wireless Bluetooth Super Bed Shaker
  • Supports up to 8 alarm settings
  • Remembers alarm settings even when your phone is off
  • Powerful vibration guaranteed to wake even the deepest sleeper
  • Get notifications of calls, texts, and messages

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The Wireless Super Bed Shaker with Bluetooth Alarm Clock allows you to set alarms or smartphone notifications for calls, texts, messages, and social media using the included app. The sleek unit slides under your pillow and attaches with a clip to keep stationary while you sleep. Internal memory retains time and preset alarms independent of your smartphone. No annoying sounds to disturb others! Set up to 8 individual alarms for multiple days and times. The battery lasts 45 days between charges with normal use, and a low battery indicator alerts when to recharge. Portable and convenient for home/travel. Automatically updates to local time when traveling. Includes a free app for iOS. Compatible with iOS 8 and up (Bluetooth 4.0 and up). Supports notifications for popular social apps, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and QQ.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is only compatible with iOS operating systems, and is not compatible with Android devices.

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