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Alarm Dock Kit- Smart Phone Docking Station and Wireless Bed Shaker by Silent Call

"Smart phone becomes an extra loud alarm clock!"

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Product Features
  • Alarm dock with built-in speaker and wireless bed vibrator with power cube
  • Provides remarkable sound for streaming your favorite music
  • 2-in-1 wireless speaker and phone stand with touch-sensitive controls
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC OS
  • 2 broad-frequency response speakers

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This Alarm Dock Kit with a built-in speaker, when used with the free SilentCall AlarmDock app, turns your smartphone into an extra-loud alarm clock (up to 100 dB) and also provides remarkable sound for streaming your favorite music. 2-in-1 wireless speaker and phone stand, rich, 360-degree crystal-clear sound, touch-sensitive controls, 2 broad-frequency response speakers, compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, MAC OS. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery provides up to ten hours of playtime. Memory pairing capability, easy to operate, two-way USB port— plays and charges at the same time. Alarm volume up to 100 dB. Even activates phone flash if desired. Dock measures 6.2x4.2x5.6 inches. Wireless transmitter frequency range 2.4-2.48GHz, frequency response 150hz-20kHz, amplified power 2x4w.

The 12V Bed Vibrator and Wireless Shaker Module with Power Cube connects to your smartphone to add strong wake-up vibrations. Power cube required for vibration. Easy setup and simple pairing to smartphone or tablet. The app controls alarm, timer, and clock functions.

Setup: Download the AlarmDock Wireless Speaker Application. For Android, go to the Google Play Store, for iPhone, go to the iTunes App Store, Type AlarmDock into the application search field, then search for AlarmDock by Silent Call Communications.

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