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Basic Signing Vocabulary Cards - Set B -100 Cards by Garlic Press

"Great Instructional Tool for ASL/Signed English"

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These useful cards teach basic Signed English vocabulary and the associated signs in flash card format for easy learning. Each card has a word on one side and the corresponding sign illustration on the other side. These make a great tool for teaching ASL/Signed English to those who are interested in learning the basics in Signed English. The flash cards are good for all age groups, young and old. Set B includes 100 Flash Cards that contain signs with words. For additional vocabulary and Flash Cards, Basic Signing Vocabulary Cards (Set A) is also available and is a continuation of Basic Signing Vocabulary Cards (Set B).
Product dimensions (imperial): 1.75 inch H x 6 inch L x 4 inch W
Product dimensions (metric): 44.45 mm H x 152.40 mm L x 101.60 mm W

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