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STEP-HEAR Navigation System for the Blind by MaxiAids

"Pre-Recorded Messages Help Users Avoid Hazards"

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Product Features
  • Helps the blind navigate around hazards
  • Alerts the blind user of a hazard in a location
  • Owner records safety information on base unit
  • User plays back safety message on activator/remote
  • Great for schools, hospitals, stores, offices, etc.

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STEP-HEAR is an information and orientation system placed at points where a blind person may need assistance navigating though an area or around a potential hazard. It's easy to install indoors and outdoors, and is a low cost tool to help keep your blind and visually impaired patrons safe.

STEP-HEAR consists of two units, the Base and the Activator. Here's how it works:

1. The Base is installed in key locations, with pre-recorded information stored in its digital memory.
2. The Activator, held by the user, vibrates when it enters within 12 feet of the base to alert the user that there is a STEP-HEAR nearby.
3. The user presses a button on the Activator to trigger the audible recorded information from the Base, which also indicates proximity and direction to the location.

STEP-HEAR can be used as a temporary or permanent installation in numerous locations and situations, including:

- Institutions: e.g. offices/municipal buildings, schools and universities, hospitals, emergency exits
- Public places: e.g. resort areas, parks, restrooms, ATM machines
- Transportation: e.g. public transportation stations, ticket offices, information, buses; announcing of bus number and route, platforms, taxis
- Commercial environment: e.g. stores, malls, hotels, banks, exhibitions

STEP-HEAR is easy to use for both the base operator (property owner/manager) and the user (blind/low vision person.) The operator can change the recorded information (up to one minute long) in the Base unit via one switch and one button. The user needs only press a button on the Activator to access the digitally pre-recorded information.

- High quality chip with non-volatile memory
- High quality speaker and voice audio output
- Audio jack
- Ability to connect to external speakers
- Microprocessor control
- Two user programmable information announcements up to 1 minute each
- Recording and power LED indicator
- Built in microphone
- Volume control
- AC 300mA adapter (USA/Canada or EU)
- Complies with all current approval and environmental standards

Base Unit Measures: 5-1/4 x 4-3/8 x 2
Activator Measures: 2-3/8 x 1-1/2 x 5/8

Package includes:
Base unit (uses 4 AAA batteries - included)
Activator (pendant with lanyard)
Activator charging unit and AC adapter
Base unit mounting hardware

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