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Bellman Visit Alerting System with Tabletop Receiver- Value Pack 2 by Bellman and Symfon

"Wireless Alerting System with Strobe"

Product Features
  • One transmitter for doorbell, one for phone
  • Tabletop receiver alerts with bright strobe
  • Up to 100-foot range - use indoors and outside
  • Wireless system: all batteries are included
  • Optional window, door and doormat sensors available

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The Bellman Visit Value Pack 2 is a complete wireless alerting system that notifies deaf and hearing impaired persons of important signals and alarms at home. The Bellman Visit system will alert you to your doorbell, telephone, smoke alarm and your baby's crying. This alerting system sends a notification via a stobe light on a tabletop receiver.

By adding the Visit Magnetic Switch (sold separately) to this Value Pack 1, you can also be notified when a door or window is opened. The Visit Door Mat (sold separately) also works with this package to notify you when someone steps on a mat placed near a doorway.

This Alerting System Product Features:
Portable: use indoors and out, plus take it with you when traveling
Approximate operating range in open field about 100 feet (33 yards); walls and other large objects may greatly affect coverage.
Vibrating alert.
Alerts to the doorbell and incoming telephone calls.
Wireless system: all batteries are included.
Two-year manufacturer's warranty

The Visit Value Pack 2 with Flash Receiver includes: 1 Visit Door Transmitter: alerts to the doorbell; 1 Visit Telephone/Multi-Purpose Transmitter: alerts to telephone calls; 1 Visit Flash Receiver: table top receiver alerts with bright strobe light.

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