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Serene 26dB Amplified Photo Dial Speakerphone for Hearing-Memory Loss by MaxiAids

"Enjoy Easier Dialing and Better Sound Quality"

Product Features
  • Great for mild to moderate hearing loss and memory loss
  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 26dB
  • 9 Photo Slots: Simply touch photo to dial number
  • Built-in Speakerphone
  • Hearing-aid compatible

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This is the first photo memory amplified telephone to offer High Definition Sound for unmatched voice clarity, making every word vividly sharp, clear and easy to understand, all virtually without any distortion, echo or squealing sounds commonly found in other amplified phones. This telephone line powered phone (no AC Adapter is required) amplifies the incoming sound up to 20 times (26dB) louder. It's ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and for those who may want (or need) the convenience of photo memory dialing.

- Amplifies incoming sound up to 20 times (26+dB) louder, the most powerful in its class
- Selectable Digital Speech Enhancement allows you to boost and enhance that part of the speech frequencies where you can't hear well, making difficult to hear words intelligible and easy to understand again. It is more convenient, more accurate and far superior than the traditional tone controls
- Latest Noise Reduction Technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted static commonly found in other amplified phones
- 9 large and easy-to-setup photo memory buttons for quick one touch speed dialing
- Powered by the telephone line, no AC adapter is required
- Two (front and side) bright and easy to see visual ring flashers
- Super loud ringer with adjustable volume and tone
- Hearing aid compatible
- One year warranty

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