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HearMore TV Wireless Rechargeable Headphones by HearMore

"Listen without disturbing others!"

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Product Features
  • Works with audio devices with 3.5 audio sockets (CD, DVD, TV, PC, mobile)
  • Working distance range up to 98 feet in open areas
  • Unique foldable design that is easy to store and carry
  • Several headphones can be used simultaneously with one transmitter
  • Auto mute when there is no signal or beyond the receiving area

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Safe & Easy Shopping
These wireless rechargeable headphones are ideal for home entertainment! Move around freely while listening to your favorite TV or radio programs, or watch TV while not disturbing others as they sleep by your side. These wireless TV rechargeable headphones allow those who are hearing impaired to privately listen to their shows at the volume they desire. Automatically shuts down after 10 minutes when there is no detected signal.

Transmitter specs:
—Working voltage: 5.0V - USB5V power
—Working current: 95mA
—Working frequency: 914/916.4MHz
—Transmit power: 8dBm
—Modulation: FM
—LED indicator
—Mini USB charging port
—3.5mm audio input
—Power on/off and channel switch

Headphone specs:
—Working voltage: 3.7V (420mAh Grade-A Li-polymer battery)
—Working current: 60mA
—Frequency: 914/916.4MHz
—Receiving sensitivity: +15dBuV
—Receiving frequency response: 60HZ-14,000HZ
—50K frequency deviation typical audio output amplitude: 600mVrms 50+ mV
—S/N 70+ dB
—THD -1 percent
—Wireless range in open area: 65+ feet
—Total charge: lasts approximately 2.5 hours
—LED indicator light
—Auto shut down

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