TV Listener Rechargeable Wireless Headset- 40dB

Manufacturer: Unisar

Listen without disturbing others

  • Works with any TV, stereo, or audio device
  • No interference from cordless phones, microwaves, etc
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Rechargeable headset lasts over 15 hours
  • Uses 2 AAA rechargeable batteries (included)
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No more arguments about watching TV in bed when your spouse wants to sleep, and no more waking up your spouse or baby because the TV is too loud. With this wireless tv headset, now you can enjoy those late-night sports events, movies, news, and comedy shows you love.

The TV Listener J3 Rechargeable Wireless Stereo Headset lets you listen to your TV, stereo, or any other audio device at a volume that is comfortable for you with up to 40dB amplification. It is ideal if you are hearing impaired or if you simply want to watch television at a different volume than others. You adjust the volume on the headset to suit your personal needs.

The TV Listener J3 works just like your remote control, sending an invisible infrared signal from your television or any other audio device to the comfortable, lightweight headset. Unlike radio frequency devices, infrared is not subject to interference from cordless phones, wireless networks, microwaves, etc. The headset recharges when plugged into the transmitter and works for over 15 hours of uninterrupted use.