The Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle on 1 DVD- Software

Manufacturer: Marblesoft

Activities for those with learning impairments

  • Marblesoft: Teaches color matching, shapes, early math, and money skills
  • Simtech: Fun, creative software for single switch users
  • Click To Read: Collection of stories for early readers
  • Supports keyboard, mouse, touch screen, and input from one to three switches
  • For Mac (10.1 or newer) or PC (Windows XP or newer)
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Something for every student from birth to adulthood! The Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle includes one copy of every program from the Marblesoft collection, from the Simtech collection, and from our first collaboration with AIMEE Solutions.

From Marblesoft:
- Early Learning I: Matching Colors; Learning Shapes; Counting Numbers; Letter Match
- Early Math Skills: Early Addition I; Early Addition II; Sequencing Up; Sequencing Down; Early Subtraction I; Early Subtraction II; More Than/Less Than
- Money Skills: Coins and Bills; Counting Money; Making Change; How Much Change?; The Marblesoft Store
- The Graphic Speller: Teaches graphing skills by having the student spell out words. A set of letters is placed on a number line or graph. The student plots the given coordinates to find each letter in turn, spelling out a word.
- Potato Face: Six activities allow the child to play and work with faces, facial expressions, and appearance (Cause and Effect; Funny Face; Potato Face; Make a Face; My Face; Face to Face)
- Single Switch Games 2: Takes games similar to ones you enjoyed as a kid and adapts them for single switch users. All games include normal, easy, and cause-and-effect modes for maximum playability. (Single Switch Maze; A Frog's Life; Mr. Marblehead; Switching Lanes; Passing Lane; Switch Invaders; Slingshot Gallery; Scurry; Single Switch Solitaire; Concentrate; Duel Switch Invaders; Dueling Slingshots; Scurry Too; The Duel)
- Koppy Kattz: Fun memory game for ages 3 to adult. In the cause and effect activity the player experiments with the buttons. Prompting and reinforcement can be done with a synthesizer, piano, drums, or a contextual vocal prompt. In the three memory activities, an ever-increasing sequence is played which the player has to match. Play the game with colored buttons, dice, numbers, or cats. Works with a mouse, touch screen, keyboard, or from 2 to 6 switches. (Cause and Effect; Monkee See; Koppy Katt; Multi-Player)
- Safe at Last! A game for high-functioning switch users. Takes a classic logic game and adapts it for players with disabilities. Players reveal squares on a grid, using deductive reasoning to determine which squares are safe and which reveal hidden dangers.

From Simtech: Fun, creative software for single switch users. The series consists of more than 60 activities to delight single switch users. Different switch modes provide access for any user and can be used for switch training. Includes these titles:
- Frog & Fly
- Spider Maze
- Switch Arcade
- Switch Kids
- Switch Wars
- Super Switch Puzzles
- Picasso Series
- Sights & Sounds Complete
- Scan & Match Series
- Everybody Has Feet
- Sharon Won't Share
- I Hate Peas

From AIMEE Solutions (produced by Marblesoft): The Click To Read series is a collection of stories for early readers using SymbolStix to build vocabulary, encourage early literacy, and support comprehension PLUS opportunities for switch training with meaningful content. Includes the following titles:
- Click to Read: All About Me
- Click to Read: Animal Habitats
- Click to Read: Citizenship
- Click to Read: Life Skills

- Macintosh running MacOS 10.4 or newer, or a PC running Windows XP or newer
- Supports keyboard, mouse, touch screen, and switch input from one to three switches