Simplicity Universal Cable and TV Remote Control

Manufacturer: Contec

Makes watching TV easier and more enjoyable

  • Compatible with most TVs and cable/satellite boxes
  • Large backlit keys for simple navigation
  • Comfortable molded side grips
  • Includes 2 AA batteries and carry strap
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Designed to provide maximum ease and enjoyment watching TV, this Simplicity Universal Cable and TV Remote Control has large backlit buttons for easy navigation, is simple to program, and is comfortable to hold with its molded side grips and carry strap.

This device is great for those with low vision and dexterity challenges, as well as anyone who doesn't want the complexity, clutter, and confusion of typical 5-device remotes. This remote provides a larger size and the ease of controlling only 2 devices.

- Two-Mode Operations: TV and Cable
- Compatible with almost all major brand name TV and Cable/Satellite boxes
- Large Backlit Buttons: large, easy-to-read backlit acrylic keys for simple navigation. Never again worry about the print wearing off
- Molded Side Grips: make holding and using the remote comfortable and easy
- Learning: capture and reproduce functions from the original manufacturer's remote control
- Two Easy-to-Program Methods: 1. Point and Press (auto scan) programming allows programming of your devices without knowing codes just "point and press". 2. Continuous Code Entry programming. Enter multiple set-up codes in programming mode, allowing faster set-up.
- Three User-Programmable Operating Modes: 1. Full Cable: All Cable functionality. 2. Partial Cable: Limited Cable functionality (0-9, Channel Up/Down, Favorite, Last) 3. TV (for subscribers without set-top box): Limited TV functionality (0-9, Channel Up/Down, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Last, Input)
- Permanent Code Retention: ensures that device codes and learned functions are retained when batteries are removed or replaced
- Timeout: automatically shuts off remote if same button is pressed for 45 seconds, extending battery life
- Infrared Transmitting Information: 2 Infrared LEDs have a 30-ft. direct line range
- Uses 2 AA batteries (included)
- Carry Strap: helps eliminate the difficulty and hassle of lost or dropped remotes

Product dimensions: 7.7" long x 3.8" wide x 1.46" thick
Product weight: 7.3 oz. (including batteries)

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