Reizen Leatherette Soccer Ball with Rattle- Size 4

Manufacturer: Reizen

Great for vision-impaired younger players

  • Embedded steel beads provide an audible rattle for ball tracking
  • Traditional 32-panel design constructed of waterproof, polyurethane-laminated, glossy leatherette
  • Hand-sewn - firmly bonds panels for consistent bounce trajectory
  • Rubber air bladder offers excellent rebound and flight to ensure consistent performance
  • Size 4: suitable for ages 8-12
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The Reizen Leatherette Soccer Ball with Rattle is ideal for the blind, visually impaired, and those with low vision. Steel beads embedded in the ball provide a rattling sound upon hitting and rolling, allowing for audible ball tracking.

The outer shell is made of durable polyurethane-laminated, glossy, artificial leather which offers moisture and dirt resistance when playing outdoors. Handsewn white and black geometric panels give it an authentic soccer-ball look plus functional bounce consistency.

The Reizen Super Soft Foam Soccer Ball with Rattle is Size 4 - suitable for ages 8 through 12.

Size: 4
Weight: approximately 390 grams

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using a needle with a round tip and air holes on both sides for inflation.