Economy Central Monitoring Unit- CMU

Manufacturer: Smart Caregiver

Low cost wireless nurse call system

  • Receives wireless signal from connected transmitters
  • Audible and visual alerts - display shows 'call' source
  • Alerts at central monitor and/or caregiver pager
  • Central monitor ONLY - pagers, call buttons, sensors sold separately
  • Uses 4 C batteries or AC adapter (both sold separately)
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The flexible, easy-to-use, easy to install nurse call system with caregiver paging. Build a system with one or as many components as you want/need to suit your unique situation.

The Central Monitor can be placed at the nurse's station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance. Works with all 433 Wireless Call System and Components.

The wireless central monitoring system, Smart Caregiver 433-CMU Economy Central Monitor is programmable for up to 30 residents at one central location and can be activated by a variety of peripheral wireless devices so that the caregiver can meet each resident's particular needs.

- Eliminate in-room alarm noise; various components silently send a signal to the central monitoring unit - alerts at the central monitor and/or caregiver pager
- Know who is in need of help: system signals audibly and visibly while the display indicates which resident activated the mobility alert
- How it works: each resident can be assigned a sensor pad, motion sensor, and/or nurse call button or floor mat Wireless signal is transmitted silently to the central monitoring unit; notification will then correspond with a number (1-30) that caregivers can associate with each resident
- Caregivers may also be notified on a pager (sold separately) which also displays which sensor activated the alert
- Reset buttons: Optional component that allows staff to reset the central monitor remotely
- Power source: monitor runs on 4 C batteries (sold separately), or AC power adapter (sold separately)
- 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty