Dysphagia Cup

Delivers small controlled drink portions

  • Drink from the open cup or using a straw
  • Pre-set your portion to any size from 3ml to 15ml
  • Designed for water-like or light nectar-thickened liquids
  • Holds up to 8.5 oz. of warm or cold liquid
  • Dishwasher-safe
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The perfect solution for those who have dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing. The RiJe Dysphagia Cup is a 'small swallows cup' that enables users to drink controlled portions - either through a straw or from a rim - for better hydration and more independence. It's easy to assemble and provides accurate, consistent delivery of portions that you can pre-set to any size from 3ml to 15ml.

RiJe Cup is very well adapted to various challenges faced by individuals who suffer from swallowing disorder (dysphagia), motor disabilities, developmental disorders, and dementia. The patented mechanism of the cup dispenses small controlled swallows of thin or nectar thickened liquids one sip at a time, and allows adjusting a portion volume for safer and more comfortable swallowing. If the cup is dropped only the portion that was measured for drinking will spill. Controlled sips can be drunk through a straw or from the cup's rim. The cup dispenses liquid portions each time it is put upright. It refills the next portion in a matter of seconds. The built-in regulator allows adjusting the sip volume before the cup is filled with liquid. The adjustable range for thin liquids is from 3ml to 15ml, while the adjustable range for nectar thickened liquids is from 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. Volume adjusting meets the changing needs of individuals who are recovering from a swallowing disorder or have a degenerative condition. This cup will serve the individual needs over an extended period. Large ergonomic handles are designed to provide a secure grip for people with tremors, grasping disabilities, and arthritis.

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