Autosqueeze Eye Drop Bottle Squeezer

Makes Taking Eye Drops Easier for the Arthritic

  • Safely and easily administers eye drops
  • Makes it easy to squeeze the bottle
  • Clips onto most eye drop bottles
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Designed to provide extra leverage, making squeezing eye drop bottles easier. Easy to use: Simply remove cap from the eye drop bottle and slide the Autosqueeze around the neck of the bottle. Apply eye drops by gently squeezing. Autosqueeze does not require much pressure to dispense drops, making it easier on those with dexterity and hand strength issues including arthritis. Replace the cap on the eye drop bottle when done, leaving Autosqueeze in place for the next use. For added convenience, can be used in conjunction with the Autodrop Eye Drop Guide (item 8401000) to ensure accurate delivery of drops into the eye.