Ambutech No-Jab Graphite Folding Cane-Roller Marshmallow Tip-54 inches

Manufacturer: Ambutech

Features the No-Jab shock absorbing recoil system!

  • 54 inches long - 5 sections
  • Includes the famous No-Jab shock absorbing recoil system
  • Folds up and unfolds with ease
  • Features the popular Roller Marshmallow Tip
  • Ergonomically designed genuine sheepskin leather grip
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This revolutionary, shock-absorbing Ambutech cane is designed to eliminate the sharp jabs that can occur when the cane tip gets stuck in a crack or any other object while you're out and about. When the cane strikes a solid object, the handle gently recoils approximately five inches before automatically returning to its original position. This recoiling action eliminates any sharp jab or gouge to your wrist or abdomen, while never taking away the sensitivity of the cane. The genuine sheepskin leather handle has a 10 inch grip and is soft and comfortable to grasp. Constructed of a premium graphite shaft with a revolutionary joint connection. The conical joints are anti-corrosive aluminum and provide a highly sensitive tactile transmission. UV-resistant and water-repellent. Features the popular Roller Marshmallow Tip and a sturdy Dacron polyester bungee cord lanyard designed with an adjustable cord lock.