TV Listening

Struggling to listen to the television can be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, Our Company has you covered with different amplification devices and hearing impaired devices such as headphones and other amplifier options to make watching TV easier. Browse our selection of hearing impaired products today for the best deals for easy TV listening.

  • Bellman Maxi Pro TV Listening System

    Connects to your TV, smartphone, tablet, and radio
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 909995
    List Price: $599.95
    Our Price: $499.95
    You Save: $100.00 (16%)
    Maxi Pro captures sound, eliminates background noise, and enhances speech. Connects to smartphones and amplifies both...
  • Serene TV-Direct External Microphone

    Attach to TV speaker with TV-Direct system
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 916001
    List Price: $28.00
    Our Price: $24.95
    You Save: $3.05 (10%)
    External microphone for attaching to the TV speaker. Accessory for your Serene TV-Direct Listener Private TV...
  • Ear Bud Covers for Serene TV-Direct- 3 Pairs

    One pair each: Small, Medium, and Large sizes
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 916003
    List Price: $4.95
    Our Price: $4.95
    Ear Bud Replacement Covers for Serene TV-Direct Listener Private TV Amplifier. Includes 3 pairs of earbud covers. One...
  • HGTV Speech Adjust-A-Tone For Television System

    Makes TV dialogue loud and clear
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 9246550
    List Price: $248.00
    Our Price: $235.59
    You Save: $12.41 (5%)
    The HGTV Speech Adjust-A-Tone For Television does far more than just amplify the sound, it has six adjustable...
  • TVDirect Ear Buds- One Pair

    Replacement earbuds for TVDirect TV Listeners
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 960002
    List Price: $22.95
    Our Price: $19.95
    You Save: $3.00 (13%)
    Replacement TVDirect Ear Buds (TV-EB) for Serene TV-100 TVDirect Listener (905100) and Serene TV-95 TVDirect (905095)...
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Full audio systems are available, as are adapter kits and more! Check out our selection of hearing impaired devices and hearing impaired products today!