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HearMore Hearing Aid Batteries- Size 675- Ctn-40 by HearMore

"Mercury-free with premium zinc air reliability"

Product Features
  • Size 675
  • Carton of 40 batteries (10 4-packs)
  • Mounted on convenient wallet-sized dispenser

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HearMore Hearing Aid Batteries are safe and environmentally friendly. HearMore Premium Mercury-Free Hearing Aid Batteries feature the newest generation Zinc Air design, providing consistent voltage supply and reliable performance for your assistive hearing aid devices. These 'green' hearing aid batteries are compliant with mercury-free legislation enacted in many states in the United States.

Why hearing aid batteries containing mercury are harmful to the environment:
As mercury hearing aid batteries decay in landfills, the mercury has the potential of leaching into our lakes and streams, eventually ending up in drinking water or contaminating wildlife such as fish.

HearMore Mercury-Free Hearing Aid Batteries come mounted on a compact 1.75-inch x 3.5-inch card/dispenser that slips easily into a purse, pocket, or wallet. A blister pack cover keeps batteries protected until you are ready to use them. When you need a new hearing aid battery, simply remove a single battery through the perforated strip on the back.

Use these batteries for popular brands of hearing aids, including Starkey, Beltone, Miracle Ear, Siemens, and others. Carton of 40 batteries (10 4-packs).

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