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Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock - Hot Pink by Sonic Alert

"Extra-Loud Vibrating Alarm - Multi-Colored Display"

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Product Features
  • Packaged with our newest most powerful 12-volt bed shaker
  • Complete with a hi/low dimmer switch to sleep better at night
  • Extra loud pulsating audio alarm with a loud 113db adjustable tone and volume control
  • Battery backup to maintain the proper time in the event of a power outage

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The new Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm has been designed especially for young ladies with hearing impairment; with its heart-shaped hot pink color and multi-colored display. Waking up in the morning will never be the same, thanks to the Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm. This alarm clock includes a pillow vibrator, so you do not disturb anyone else.

The Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm offers dual power and dual time.

Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm features:
Our SBH400ss clock comes with a 110-volt power supply, will work with an optional 220-volt transformer. The clock also has two switches one allowing the user to switch from 60Hz / 110 volts or 50Hz / 220 volts. This feature keeps proper time with 110 or 220 volts. Another switch allows the user to select 12/24-hour time. One 9-volt battery is required for battery backup (not included).
Product dimensions (imperial): 6 inch H x 5.5 inch L x 4.5 inch W
Product dimensions (metric): 152.40 mm H x 139.70 mm L x 114.30 mm W

Product dimensions (imperial): 6 inch H x 5.5 inch L x 4.5 inch W
Product dimensions (metric): 152.40 mm H x 139.70 mm L x 114.30 mm W

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