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Sonic Alert Bed Vibrator 120V -Vibrator Only by Sonic Alert

"Get Alerted to Alarm, Doorbell, Phone or Baby Cry"

Product Features
  • Powerful vibration wakes even the heaviest sleeper
  • Place vibrator under pillow or between mattress and box spring
  • Built-in temperature sensor protects the unit against overheating
  • Plugs into Sonic Boom Alarm Clock or remote receiver (not included)
  • Note: This is not a stand-alone unit. It is a clock accessory.

Item#: SS120V
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Sonic Alert Bed Vibrator 120V -Vibrator Only - Place this alert bed vibrator between your mattress and box spring or under your pillow and plug it into a Sonic Alert alarm clock or remote receiver (neither included). The lightweight and portable unit bed vibrator alert system responds to a wake-up alarm, doorbell, telephone or a baby's cry. This bed vibrator alert system uses standard AC power and comes with a 5-year warranty.
Package dimensions (imperial): 2 inch H x 6 inch L x 5.25 inch W
Package dimensions (metric): 50.80 mm H x 152.40 mm L x 133.35 mm W

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