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BoldWriter Low Vision 3pk Starter Kit by Reizen

"20/20 quality for maximum visibility guaranteed"

Product Features
  • Just like the 20/20 pen, these are easy to see and read with incredibly vivid, high-visibility black ink
  • Quick-drying— no smudges and doesn't bleed through paper
  • Easy-to-grip designs— great for seniors and those with dexterity issues
  • Bold points produces highly legible line width— ideal for those who are visually impaired or have low vision
  • Unique, conical tips for variable, broad, or narrow-width writing

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This BoldWriter Kit is the optimum selection for the low vision community and it's the perfect replacement for the long-discontinued Papermate 20/20 Pen. In fact, it's actually on track to exceed the popularity of that now-gone favorite. These superior-quality nontoxic pens are all made in the USA.

Kit includes:

1. BoldWriter 20 Pen— The exclusive ink formulation provides high-contrast, rich black ink that flows smoothly from the bold point. Also, The BoldWriter 20 Pen's barrel provides just the right amount of surface area to grip, making it easier to hold than many other pens.

2. BoldWriter VA Pen— Ultra-bold, variable tip produces highly legible 1.0mm and 2.0 mm line widths. The exclusive ink formulation provides high-contrast, rich black ink that flows smoothly from the ultra-bold point.

3. BoldWriter 40 Pen— Provides supersized visibility. Its mega-bold point produces highly legible 2.0 mm line widths. The BoldWriter 40 is a great high-visibility pen for those with low vision.

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