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Nutone Strobe Door Chime by Nutone

"Get The Most for Your Money With This Door Alert"

Product Features
  • Features effortless setup
  • For use as a door chime or a wireless pager
  • Alert uses both a flashing strobe and a programmable chime
  • Great for deaf and hearing households

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The Nutone Strobe Door Chime plugs into any AC outlet. A 10-second flashing strobe alert system accompanies all tone selections, for ideal safety notification for the hearing impaired. This alert device has an audible chime sounds in 8-note, 2-note or 1-note tones also make this Strobe Door Chime helpful for those with low vision. The Nutone Strobe Door Chime includes wireless transmitter push button and battery.

In order to set-up the Nutone Strobe Door Chime, simply insert one CR2032 battery. Plug the chime into a 120-volt wall outlet. You may either mount the button or carry it for use as a paging device. Also useful when left with someone who is bedridden. Pressing the button will alert you to their call by strobe and chime. Excellent for deaf and deaf/hearing households. 100 ft. operating range. The door chime has 64-code variations to prevent mixing or crossing signals with other Nutone receivers.

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