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Photoelectric Smoke Alarm w-Visual Signaling Appliance by Gentex

"Designed to give reliable early warnings"

Product Features
  • Available in 120VAC
  • 177 candela rating (UL 1971 listed)
  • Horn frequency 3100Hz (nominal)
  • Plug in
  • Nominal 2.5% Sensitivity

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The photoelectric single/multiple station smoke alarms are designed to give reliable early warning of the presence of smoke where both audible and visual alarms are required. The series features a 90dBA solid state piezo signal and a 177 Candela strobe with "FIRE" lettering. The strobe is listed per UL 1971. The smoke alarm operates on the light scattering principle, a superior method of detection in smoldering fires, utilizing a pulsing LED light source and a photodiode sensor in a fully screened sensing chamber. Every 4 to 5 seconds the pulsing LED emits an infrared beam that by passes the photodiode under normal conditions. However, when smoke enters the sensing chamber, the infrared beam is deflected onto the sensor by the smoke particles. The LED pulse rate increases to 8 times the normal rate, and after the photodiode confirms that smoke is present for 2 consecutive pulses, it will produce the signal necessary to trip an alarm. Upon activation, the alarm will emit a 90dBA local audible signal and activate the high intensity strobe. During the alarm period the strobe will flash at a brightness of 177 candela 60 times per minute. After the smoke has cleared from the detector, the unit will revert to the normal stand-by condition

Standard Features
- Quick-Disconnect Wiring Harness (CS Models)
- Form C Auxiliary Relay Contacts for Remote Annunciation (CS Models)
- 9VDC Battery Back-Up (7109/7139CS/LS) w/Audible Low Battery Chirp
- 120VAC with 9VDC Battery Back-up Models, Visual Does Not Operate on Battery Back-Up
- Relays Operate on Battery Back-Up
- Relay Contacts Will Activate From the Tandem Wire
- 90dBA Continuous Piezo Horn (710CS/LS & 7109CS/LS Series)
- 90dBA Temporal 3 Evacuation Piezo Horn (713CS/LS & 7139CS/LS Series)
- 5-to-1 Signal-to-Noise Ratio
- Fully Insect Screened
- Interconnect with all Gentex tandem capable smoke alarms
- Interconnect up to 6 Alarms (CS Models)
- Easy Wash on-site maintenance washing program
- 9 Foot Line Cord (LS Models)
- Mounting Hardware Adapts to Standard Junctio

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