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ergoSEETPlus Therapeutic Seat Cushion-18x16x1.5 in by MaxiAids

"Relieves Back Pain & Improves Your Posture"

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Product Features
  • Provides comfortable support for the back
  • Relieves back pain and promotes proper posture
  • Unique design promotes airflow & dissipates heat
  • Great for use in the home, office and car
  • Dishwasher safe support w/machine washable cover

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Relieve back pain, improve your posture and stay cool! The large size ergoSEETPlus offers even weight distribution, providing comfortable support for the back and promoting proper posture, while at the same time creating continual airflow and featuring an easy-to-clean, non-porous seating surface.

Almost anyone can benefit from the ergoSEET - from seniors to wheelchair users to parents seeking greater comfort as they watch kid's sporting events from uncomfortable benches or bleacher seats. At work they're great for those who sit in office chairs all day, as well as truck drivers who spend long hours behind the wheel.

Get great back support watching TV or reading a book while sitting on the couch or in your favorite chair. Whether you're male or female, one hundred pounds or three hundred and fifty pounds, with ergoSEET you will enjoy a more comfortable, supportive seating position.


1. AIRFLOW: Ports & Pillars allow for movement of air to help keep you cool. The holes in the ergoSEET allow heat to dissipate from your body and the pillars don't collapse, allowing the air to move between you and the seating surface.

2. WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: Pillars work to distribute weight. The Pillars on the bottom are shorter in specific areas to allow for the immersion of your pelvic structure - mainly your Ischial Tuberosities (the two sharp bones that hurt when you sit too long on bleacher seats.) Tests show a decrease in peak pressures as high as 71-percent using the ergoSEET.

3. IMPROVED POSTURE: Varying Pillar heights allow the pelvic structure to immerse and tilt forward, putting the spine in proper alignment. By putting yourself in the proper seated position you sit in a more relaxed way and reduce stress on your lower back. The
ergoSEET also uses shorter Pillars in the back center of the cushion for the immersion of the coccyx, or tailbone.

4. WATERPROOF DESIGN: The unique closed cell EVA used to make the ergoSEET is different from your standard seat cushions, which are primarily made of either a moisture-absorbing, heat-generating open cell structure or a gel which will not breathe and also generates heat. The ergoSEET is uniquely designed to promoted airflow, reducing sweat and moisture and keeping you cool, as well as being waterproof and dishwasher safe.

- Durable support/cushion is dishwasher safe
- Black microfiber cover is machine washable
- Endorsed by the ICA (International Chiropractors Association)
- The ergoSEET (or Posture Seat by Raft) is designed to handle up to 400 lbs.
- 5 year guarantee on cushion; 1 year on microfiber cover
- Measurements (ergoSEET): 18 in. x 16 in. x 1.5 in.

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