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CanDo Exercise Band Accessory Kit - Loop Stirrup - Door Disc - Handles by CanDo

"Makes Your Everyday Exercise Routine Even Easier!"

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Product Features
  • Includes 1 loop stirrup, 1 door disc and 1 pair of handles
  • Door disc anchor turns your door into an exercise station
  • Heavy duty webbing for durability
  • Foam handles for comfort and a firm grip while exercising
  • Makes fitness at home easier and more accessible

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Doing everyday exercises at home as part of your active daily lifestyle has never been so easy! The CanDo exercise band accessory kit consists of 1 loop stirrup, 1 door disc, and 1 pair of handles. Double loop webbing stirrup has two webbing loops: one large, one small. Simply place the band through the small webbing and put the other loop around any stationary object such as your foot, a door anchor or a wall anchor. The loop can be used in conjunction with handles to facilitate a wide range of exercises.

Door disc anchor turns your door into an adjustable exercise station. Place flexible disc in door jamb at any height, even on top of door! Close the door to anchor disc. The item is easy to load and unload band or tubing into it using the anchor strap. The unit contains heavy duty webbing for durability. The adjustable webbing handle makes exercising with band and tubing easier!

Cando exercise band and tubing attaches to the foam handles for comfort and a firm grip. Each handle has a 6-inch long foam covered rigid bar. The handle has heavy-duty webbing for durability. It is easy to securely load and unload band or tubing into the handles.

Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Product dimensions (imperial): 6 inch H x 2 inch L x 4 inch W
Product dimensions (metric): 152.40 mm H x 50.80 mm L x 101.60 mm W

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