2024 Low Vision Print Calendar with BoldWriter Pen

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Giant calendar easily shows each day of the month

  • Calendar lays flat or hangs on wall (includes 3 holes at top for hanging)
  • Easier to see for those with low vision and visual impairment
  • Bold black numbers on white background - features large print, 1-inch high numbers
  • Ideal for home, office, schools, rehabilitation centers, and nursing facilities
  • Includes a BoldWriter 20 pen for those without 20/20 vision
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This 11 x 17-inch giant print 2024 calendar opens to a large 22 x 17-inch size - easily showing every month, weekday, and date.

Includes a Reizen BoldWriter 20 Pen that is quick-drying; won't smudge or bleed through paper. Easy-to-see and read - exclusive ink formulation provides high-contrast, rich black ink that flows smoothly from the bold point, providing incredibly vivid, highly visible bold black lines. Ideal for the visually impaired and those with low vision. Easier to hold than most pens with its easy-to-grip design - great for seniors and those with dexterity issues. Non-toxic pen is made in the USA.